Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Memory 18

acrylic on paper, 6"x6"
$125.00 + $6.00 shipping in US.

This is the same old ranch dog depicted in "Memory 5," my post of June 8th. My posts are going to be less frequent for awhile. I'm preparing work this week for a show in Burbank and then leave in a few days for Oregon. My wife's already up there--she even took the dog! Lonely down here. I told Brenda I didn't miss her but I missed the dog. She might not let me in the door when I get there. I might be in the doghouse.


Anonymous said...

Don, are you literally painting these from memory or are you using old photos? It really looks like you are capturing something in your mind's eye.

I would really like to know the location and date of this show in Burbank. I live about 30 mins. from there. My husband and I can make a date of going to see your paintings.

I hope the weather is good when you get to Oregon, cause sleeping in the dog house sounds like a definite possibility!

Don Gray said...

I begin with old, faded Polaroids I took many years ago. I like them because they are so bad there is no danger of getting too dependent on them. They become "memory triggers" as I try to acess my minds eye. The images are experimented with and modified liberally.

Thanks for asking about the show--here's a little plug: The show is at the Colony Theatre, a live theatre venue in Burbank Town Center, 555 N. Third St. They have a small gallery space. We hung the show today, though the "official" show dates are August 11 through September 9.