Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Magpie Hangout

Watercolor on rag paper, 5"x7"
$125.00 + $6.00 shipping in US.

Each morning at six o'clock, a painting appears as if by magic on my blog. But it actually gets there by an intricate automated system that emails the post to Blogger, complete with the purchase button and linking system to PayPal, and the coding that allows the painting to be made available for sale exactly at noon.

Pretty amazing isn't it, how I set all that up? I'll tell you something: I couldn't do that in a parrot's lifetime!

Think about high-tech can a guy who pushes colored mud around with pig bristles fastened to the end of sticks be? I wouldn't even know where to begin to set up a system like I have.

This is where my awesome kids come in. Heather and Jared are responsible for everything that makes my blog work the way it does. Programming wizards that they both are, they designed the system and wrote all the code. Heather designed a user-friendly admin program that allows me, Mr. Techno-nothing, to set up the posts in advance, easily and quickly.

Just last weekend, Jared was patiently trying to explain to me how to go in and alter the html code for my posts to allow the viewer to click and enlarge images. I just wasn't getting it. A few hours later he emails me a new link to my admin. He has modified the code to do just what I want it to...easily and automatically. I'll be using it now for certain of my images, to allow you to see them closer to their actual size.

So, when you mouse over a painting and a little hand shows up to tell you it can be clicked on, remember who I owe a big hand of gratitude to: my wonderful kids. Thank you, Heather and Jared--I love you both.


Robin Weiss said...

Don , This is a great painting!I'm really enjoying your watercolors!

Don Gray said...

Thank you, Robin. I appreciate your coming by.