Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Ocean Waves #7

Oil on board, 5"x7"
$125.00 + $6.00 shipping in US.

Don't get me wrong, I'm loving the snow up here in Oregon. I was out tramping around in it yesterday afternoon. But just for today, permit me this little interlude of sand n' surf dreaming.


Suzanne McDermott said...

Very nice, very nice to see the spot where I've spent some of my most sublime moments. Lovely texture on the gleaming surface. Glad you're enjoying the snow... here in Nashville were're enjoying a mild, late Spring-like day in the mid-70's with those deadly ice storms just to our north. Whacky weather.

Don Gray said...

Hi Suzanne--thanks. Keep warm...or cool...whichever applies!

Chris Ousley said...

You work is selling like hotcakes! Good work.

Don Gray said...

Hi Chris--thanks. Yeah I think it must be Christmas desperation. I'm not complaining!

ming said...

it's a wonderful interlude.