Saturday, January 5, 2008

French Couple

Oil on board, 6" x 6"
$125.00 + $6.00 shipping in US.

Ready for a little irony? Yesterday I posted "Quiet Evening" and went on about how still it was. Well, that morning one of the strongest windstorms of the season hit the valley. Brenda nearly blew off the road driving to work; the freeway was closed for 150 miles due to high winds and zero visibility; power lines went down all over the place; I even heard the county was declared a disaster area!

Time for a change of pace. Today's painting continues the off and on brush series that began in the early weeks of my blog.


A Reason to Paint said...

Another nice one Don; it must have been fun adding some of those vibrant touches of colour. I especially like that vivid blue caught in the brush.

Suzanne McDermott said...

And a darling couple they are! I wish that you had category labels so that we could see all of the brush paintings together. Glad to hear the Brenda managed to keep on the road.

Don Gray said...

Thanks, Triecia. You're right, it was fun.

Don Gray said...

Category labels are a good idea, Suzanne. My son Jared has been working on a complete re-design of my blog and that is one of the things he plans to implement. We're going to try to get that operational in the next couple months. Thanks for coming by.