Monday, June 16, 2008

Board and Batten

Oil on board, 5" x 7"
$125.00 + $6.00 shipping in US.
I've often noticed horses standing like this, with their noses close to a building, but I don't know why they like to do that. Any of you horse people out there have an explanation?


Anonymous said...

Me and my shadow....I've, seen horses do that too. Maybe they like company....I like the painting. True to life...Dixie

Anonymous said...

Love it. I've never seen a horse painting like this one. Instead of it being about a beautiful horse, it's about curious horse behaviour. And the observant artist.

I think he's playing shadow puppets. He needs a friend.

martha miller said...

The Shadow Knows!


The Shadow Nose?

(I Don't Know!)

Love the painting, though!

I was at a dance for special needs folks a few years ago, and one young man was dancing up a storm with his shadow on the wall. It was comical! He was having a ball!

Don Gray said...

Thanks Dixie. Maybe that's it--they think of the shadow as another horse??

Shadow puppets...I like it, Silvina! Thanks for your thoughts.

Hi Martha. Ha, "The Shadow Nose." I'm going to hire you to title my paintings :)

Robin Weiss said...

This is a great painting Don!

Don Gray said...

Thanks Robin, and thanks for coming by. I'm enjoying your recent watercolors. Have a great Ugandan trip.

EJ Butler said...

Hi Don,

Rick Hunter here. Few of us fail to realize that horses are masters of meditation. They stand stark still focussing their minds and energy on the wood grains of individual planks thus achieving a relaxed state while being totally aware of their environment (much as humans stare into a campfires). Have you ever tried to catch a horse while he, or she, is staring at a barn wall? Not easy! And if you believe this tall tale explanation, I have a national park I will sell you in Montana.

It is a wonderful painting of horses doing something we have no rationale explanation for.

Thank you so much for your daily paintings. They keep in touch with NE Oregon that was a part of my personal history for 10 years.


Don Gray said...

Horse as Zen master...I like it! Let's see...I believe I'll take Glacier Park.

Thanks for the "explanation" and the laugh, Rick.