Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Kokanee Run

Oil on board, 5" x 7"
$125.00 + $6.00 shipping in US.

Bang!!...just like that my images return to the blog and I'm back up and running! I still don't know what exactly happened but I'm grateful to have my blog back and grateful to all of you for your patience.

Here's the painting I meant to post over a week ago, before I was so rudely interrupted. The salmon were running up the Wallowa River to spawn when we were there over Labor Day weekend. I'm not an expert but I believe these are called Kokanee. What a beautiful sight they made-- flashes of bright vermilion flickering over the granite streambed.


Anonymous said...

What a treat it must have been to watch.

Now you've got this painting to keep the memory alive.

Don Gray said...

Thanks, Onpainting. It was thrilling to watch, especially in light of the depleted salmon runs of recent years.

I've learned a little more about salmon and migration lately and now realize it's likely these fish never made the long journey to the ocean and back. Some salmon live yearlong in lakes and migrate much shorter distances up nearby streams to spawn.

Even so, they were beautiful to watch.

Sheila Vaughan said...

Glad you're up and running again Don. A great painting. I remember seeing the salmon fighting their way up river in Canada. It's an unforgettable sight.

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

That's a masterpiece!

Art By Erika said...

PHEW I'm most definitely thrilled to see your images back! They are 100% inspiration Don! Congratulations on this excellent body of work!

Wow that must have been quite an experience to witness all that action! I feel very evil for imagining them on my plate. But that sight sure was a piece of heaven! Thanks for capturing it in your art!

Don Gray said...

Hi Erika and thanks for welcoming my images back to the blog. What a pain that was! I appreciate all your good thoughts.

Rick Nilson said...


I really like your paintings. I did a sketch of some salmon after seeing your beautiful painting. I love this piece. You are a master of this!

Don Gray said...

Rick--very kind of you--thanks!