Friday, September 5, 2008

Mountain River

Oil on board, 6" x 6"
$125.00 + $6.00 shipping in US.

This water is COLD! The Wallowa River is fed by high wilderness lakes and snowmelt runoff. There is still snow from last winter on those peaks and--ready or not--more will fall soon. Bonneville Mountain looms in the background.

By the way, Wallowa is pronounced WUH--LOW (as in "OW that hurt")--UH.


Anonymous said...

This place looks like a good spot to finish the painting then put down the brush and pick up a flyrod.

Art By Erika said...

That's still snow from last year's winter? Brrrrrr! Do you get all bundled up painting plein air there or are you a typical Viking out there in your shorts? Either way, BRAVO an excellent painting! Bet the trout is delicious there ummmm trout!

Don Gray said...

Lots of good fly fishing, Bill. There were people doing just that when I was there. Also, the salmon were running--flashes of red in the crystalline water. I hope to do a painting or two of them.

Don Gray said...

Hi Erika--yes, there was a lot of snow in the mountains last year and patches are still lingering on the shady sides of the peaks. Down in the valleys, though, summers are mild. I'm no Viking, I'll admit. In this case I worked from a photo in a nice warm studio!

Thanks for your kind words.

Don Ricardo said...

A couple of days ago, I could see all the images. Now they're gone.

Don Gray said...

Don--My server appears to be down--we're working on it.