Thursday, September 18, 2008

Two Cute Cukes

Oil on board, 6" x 6"
$125.00 + $6.00 shipping in US.
Available for purchase starting 09/18/08, 12 noon PST

Our tiny garden continues to produce tiny but tasty produce.

NEWSFLASH: I will be participating in the Grande Ronde Studio Tour this weekend. If you'll be in or near northeast Oregon on Saturday or Sunday, please pay a visit. My studio is on the top floor of the Union County Museum in downtown Union, Oregon, 331 S. Main Street (catty-corner from the post office.) Use the Center Street entrance on the NE corner of the building. Hours are 10-5 Saturday and Noon-5 Sunday.

I am a Johnny-come-lately to the tour--it was set up last fall before we were even here--so am not listed on the tour map. But the other eight artists on the route have kindly agreed to promote me by word-of-mouth. You can download the tour map at this site: Click on "Grande Ronde Studio Tour."

I hope to see you this weekend!


Art By Erika said...

Man that's beautifully painted and a cool title to boot! Ok sending you ESP so you paint "2 Cute Kooks" next LOL! Seriously, that's BEAUTIFULLY painted!

Have fun on the tour! Put a helmet on your painting hand! Ok one for the head too if you must ;)

Sheila Vaughan said...

Have a great weekend Don!

Don Gray said...

HA--thanks Erika. Do you think a helmet will protect me from critical comments?

Don Gray said...

Thanks for the well-wishes, Sheila!

Nacho Molina said...

:O you are like Zurbaran but with more light!

Don Gray said...

Wow Nacho, an undeserved complement but I'll take it :) Your work is terrific, and you are so young!

Art By Erika said...

It might :)

Art By Erika said...

LOLOL I just realized it wasn't a bicycle tour!!!! DUH guess my mind was on a previous post.