Friday, January 2, 2009

Snowy Lane with Crow

Watercolor on paper, 5" x 7"
$125 plus $6 shipping in U.S.

It's a new year, so here's something new: a little video of me driving my truck (complete with cracked windshield) down a snowy lane not far from home, listening to NPR on the radio, imagining myself "far, far away."


Art By Erika said...

I WAS imagining myself not freezing when I woke up then I saw your video and I feel I need to throw our dining set in the fireplace so I can begin to feel my toes again LOL!

Don you are one artist who makes winter paintings look charming and comfortable for me. You give them as much attention as a spring painting that's why though I really haven't known your work long enough to have witnessed your spring season. I'm so glad you don't just brush across a canvas with white, blue and purple for your snow scenes :)

SiLa said...

Hi Don, I just arrived to your blog and I like what I see :)

Don Gray said...

Thanks, SiLa and welcome.

Don Gray said...

Please, Erika--not the dining set! Why not just tear up some floorboards?

Thanks for your comments. I really do love winter, so I'm pleased if that comes across to you in the paintings.

Anonymous said...

Oh my god dad, you crack me up! I see you and your camera are getting along just fine. Internet is great.. just hopped on a half hour ago. - son

mike rooney studios said...

the video you shot gave me a feel for what i'm looking at when i see your paintings. you know,,,, it gives one a sense of the place.
wouldnt it be cool if all us bloggers picked a day and put a video up like you did, showing the "sense"of the place as we were going to paint it, and then post the painting that same day under the video? that would be so cool. bonnie luria in st croix, frank gardner in mexico, you in the frozen tundra, john k. harrell in denver, me on the north carolina beach. what do ya think?

martha miller said...

riding down the highway

looking for ADVENTURE!

fun to see a bit of where you harken from!!

Don Gray said...

Hi Mike,
Yeah, I'm already planning to link some video to my paintings. A group doing it on the same day would be a kick. Let's do it.

Don Gray said...

That's me, Martha--EASY RIDER!!