Saturday, February 7, 2009

Facing Downwind

Oil on board, 5 3/4" x 10"
$240 plus $10 shipping in U.S.

More cows at leisure. Click image to enlarge.


Unknown said...

Oh, the buddha cattle are so endearing.
Why do they face downwind?

Don Gray said...

Thanks, Susan. Buddah cattle--I like that term. I suppose they face downwind for the same reason we would, if we were laying in a windy field.

Pierre Raby said...

So your wise explaination about their position facing wind. You love nature and life and your share it with simplicity, thanks Don.

Don Gray said...

Hi Pierre, thank you for sharing your thoughts.

Theresa Rankin said... have painted them just the way we see them!

Don Gray said...

Thanks, Theresa. Cows are a pretty common part of the scenery where I live.