Sunday, February 1, 2009

Whitebark Pine Ecosystem, by Larry Eifert
Mural for the Crater Lake Institute. Copyright 2007 Larry Eifert
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The web of connections enabled through the internet and email is great, isn't it? My friend, artist/naturalist Larry Eifert (that's his painting above) sent me this regarding yesterday's post:

Hi Don.
Nice painting – nice essay.
They ‘teased’ the wool, is how the plant’s name came about, I think. I’ve painted a few of these in some park stuff I’ve done and learned it was the finest wool carder ‘made’ until the mechanical carder came along. In fact, the mechanical carder head was patterned after the natural one – with little angles on the barbs. The thing escaped to the wild mainly in places where they grow sheep – because they grew it there for the wool processing.

I’m enjoying your work!

Larry Eifert

Larry is a fascinating and talented fellow. Check out his work at

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