Sunday, May 3, 2009

Corner Window

Oil on board, 5" x 7"
$125 plus $6 shipping in U.S.

Speaking of doors, I walked through one last week I wish I hadn't: the sick door. I guess this bug isn't the dreaded Swine Flu, but it's piggish enough for me! After four days of cold capsules and cough syrup, feeling worse each day, I dropped the tough guy act and went to see the doctor. He quickly diagnosed pneumonia and prescribed antibiotics. Worst of all, I managed to give it to Brenda and now she's fighting through the same stuff, a couple days behind me.

I finally felt well enough today to get back in the studio and do this painting. Everything is relative, isn't it? Although I still have a pretty bad cold, I felt positively chipper just being able to work again. And when I left the studio, the late afternoon sun illuminated the fresh grass and new buds on the trees. Cooped up in the house, I'd missed a week of spring greening--the world looks brand new!


Anonymous said...

The wonderful thing about flus is getting over them and appreciating the world (my experience). I love your door paintings but would like to know what you personally get out of doing this particular subject several times. r.

Lynne said...

Hi Don,
You KNOW you will get lots of support from those of us who happily follow your blog and postings. I am happy you are now feeling better, and hopefully your wife is also on the mend.
Isn't it amazing what doing one's art can do for one's health?
Happy Spring and Be Well!

Don Gray said...

Isn't that so true, Rahina? I've had the great fortune of good health nearly always, and a little illness makes me realize how much I take for granted.

I think it's interesting to take any subject--in this case doors--and mine it over and over for new approaches and insights. The doors are like portraits to me, since each one has its own unique qualities.

Jane Hunt said...

Ackkk - I think we have the same thing here! Hope you both are fully recovered soon.
Beautifully painted. Your doors are my favorites - but this has a particuarly nostalgic feel to me, looks exactly like my childhood bedroom door!

Don Gray said...

Lynne, thanks for that cheerful note--I feel better just reading it!

Yes, art-making--despite its frustrations--is healthful and life-affirming, for sure. Happy spring to you too!

Don Gray said...

Bummer, Jane--get yourself well quick!

Thanks for the kind words on the doors. So glad this one tapped a special memory for you.

Katherine said...

Glad to see you back and at it Don. Love this door. For some reason it epitomizes your studio for me. Well wishes for Brenda.

susan hong-sammons said...

Hi Don,Glad your up and about. I'll definitely be back to your blog to see the next excellent painting you post. These have been a treat for me.

Don Gray said...

Thanks, Katherine. Hope you're doing better as well.

Don Gray said...

Susan, welcome to the blog and thanks for leaving that nice note.

Lynne said...

Hi Don,
Don't ever run out of doors! Those paintings are mysterious and wonderful and tell lots of stories that the viewer can contribute as they look at them!

Don Gray said...

Boy, Lynne, my parents always told me never to run indoors--now you're saying I can't run out of doors either! No wonder I'm gaining weight!

Seriously, I'm delighted you feel that way about those paintings--thank you.

Alvin Richard said...

As simple of a subject that this is.... I'm not sure if it's the impressionist technique,the perspective, the glimpse of window light, the crack opening...all the subtle shades of off-white....I just know that it's a small masterwork just looking at it. It looks like the flu did not take away that (brush)stroke of genius! Get well soon!

Don Gray said...

Hi Alvin--don't know how, but I overlooked your remark until now. I want to thank you for those very supportive words--it means a great deal. I'm feeling much better now, thanks.

Dean Grey said...

Oh, I love this one, Don!

The white chocolate color of the walls and door really speaks to me.

Having the blue from the corner of the window poking through was quite brilliant. Very original composition!

And you managed to do this while sick? Impressive!

Glad you're feeling better!