Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Under the Willows

Oil on board, 5" x 7"
$125 plus $6 shipping in U.S.

It has been a little crazy lately with other commitments, but hopefully I can get back to a little better posting routine now.

We attended a sensational show this evening by a group called The Young Americans. They're a song and dance troupe of young people in their late teens to mid-twenties who travel around the world performing in cities and towns large and small. As soon as the group arrives in town they begin workshopping with local schoolkids from fourth grade through high school. And after two days of intensive rehearsing, the youngsters put on an unbelievably complex Broadway style show for the community, dancing and singing side by side with The Young Americans.

What an incredible experience for these kids--no doubt life-changing for some. And for all who witness it, what a wonderful affirmation of the power and value of creative endeavor.


Pierre Raby said...

I love this scene and the way you infused so much dynamism with your sketchy and vibrant signature- great colors too.

Don Gray said...

Pierre--very kind of you--thanks, my friend.