Thursday, January 28, 2010

More Crazy Signs

I got such great feedback on the road sign post, that I just had to do a follow-up. Dana Cunningham Anderson of Artlight Media sent this photo. I kinda think a left turn would be the correct decision here, wouldn't it?:

photo copyright Dana Cunningham Anderson

And my longtime friend, artist Rachel Wilson sent these delightful paintings, with this description: "I started a collection of photos of my favorite signs when we were in New Zealand last, and some of them found their way into a silly series of paintings. I was also charmed by the native birds (a fairly weird group) and was imagining what it would be like if they were giant again and were loose on the roads."

acrylic, 15" x 15" copyright 2008 Rachel Wilson

acrylic, 15" x 15" copyright 2008 Rachel Wilson

Artist Deb Pero writes: "When we lived in Los Alamos, NM, home of the National Lab (where the first nuclear bomb was developed) there were all kinds of security gates, and various sections of the lab complex all over town. For one particular testing area, a sign read: Explosive Trucks, Next Left. Yes! Please exit now!"

Deb also noted this homemade sign along a rural road:

Old Dog
Young Dog
Several Stupid Dogs
Please drive slow.

My friend Jim came up with this: "Survey Party Ahead. I don’t think they use this particular wording any more. I always pictured, when rounding a corner, a group of surveyors in dinner jackets, holding drinks and making small talk.

''Slow Children At Play. Identifying particular groups of children as being slow is just wrong."

Here's one that brings up vivid mind-pictures for my friend Liz: Primitive Road.

Artist Susan Roux wonders why anyone would sell this important part of their home: Yard Sale.

Last, not least--cousin Diane writes: "I always remember Mom getting a big laugh out of a sign on the highway toward Wallowa -- Worms, turn right. Advertisements are also a great source -- Meier & Frank in Portland was always having a Baby Sale. I always expected babies to be lined up for the picking."


SamArtDog said...

OMG---great to start the day with such hilarity! You gotta know I'm wicked partial to Deb Pero's old, young and several stupid dogs. Oh...hurt me!

Don Gray said...

Yeah, that's great, isn't it, Sam? Thanks for the visit.