Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Blue Folds

Blue Folds
Oil on board, 7 3/8" x 8"
$180 plus $8 shipping in U.S.

The cloth painting I posted the other day made me think it might be interesting to try some newer variations on the subject. The satiny sheen of this beautiful blue fabric reminded me of the flowing robes seen in so many paintings of the Renaissance era.


Diana Moses Botkin said...

I love these fabric folds you're painting. So fun!

Leslie Sealey said...

Ditto-I can tell you are enjoying the fabric paintings.
It's abstract and realistic at the same time, very cool!

Don Gray said...

Thanks, Diana--and thanks for the visit. I'm enjoying your new paintings.

Don Gray said...

Thanks, Leslie. I think we share that interest in finding the abstract within representational form--you do it beautifully.