Friday, August 19, 2011

Brenda at the Coast

Oil on canvas, 20" x 16"
Not for sale
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Another new figurative work, this one of Brenda, my beautiful bride of 41 years, on a visit last year to the Oregon coast..

There are a couple of surefire ways to put a smile on Brenda's face. One is to spend time with kids and grandkids; the other is a trip to the beach. We'll be making a run to Portland soon for some more face time with our new grandson, and hopefully a coast trip will happen before the snow flies. So there should be lots of smiling going on.

I'm overwhelmed by all the well-wishes I've received on the blog and by email, regarding the Blick catalog cover. Thank you all for your supportive comments--I'm deeply touched.


Gary L. Everest said...

Hey Don,
Great portrait. I had a feeling you could "do it all" with your talents. I'm a bit surprised, however, that you were so brutally honest in your depiction of the Oregon coast, the weather, to be specific.
This scene shows exactly why we hardly ever go there. If fact, soon after moving to Portland, we learned about "Storm Watchers", who flock to the coast to watch Pacific storms come ashore. How odd, we thought, that people would actually drive a couple of hours just to watch wind-driven rain and stormy seas.
That's what makes life fascinating and interesting--the differences. I wouldn't be shocked to learn that Storm Watchers find Hawaii boring.
Great work.

Don Gray said...

Hi Gary--thanks a lot. I guess we're gluttons for punishment. I do love the "drama" of big waves, fast-moving fogs, etc. Actually, it wasn't that bad when we were there last year--just light sweatshirt weather, which is pretty good for OR coast. And hey, admit it, as a Portland dweller you're not exactly living in Jamaica, man!

When we lived near San Diego we'd visit the coast in a light mist and the beach would be deserted. Locals don't go to the shore unless it's 72 degrees and sunny. The only people we'd see would be tourists from some place like Minnesota. Or Oregon.

Art By Erika said...

"..there should be a lot of smiling going on.." How cute :) Wow love that smile on her face. Simple portrait with lots of loving beautiful message - still trying charming your wife I see :)I love this portrait!

My niece and new hubby moved to Portland last month. I will have to check out the storm watchers when I go visit them :D

Don Gray said...

Good to hear from you, Erika--thanks! Yes, I'm always angling to stay on Brenda's good side. :) (Actually, she doesn't have a bad side.)

Sarah Sedwick Studio said...

I recognize that hooded sweatshirt and that misty weather from my own experiences with the coast! It can be chilly, but always gorgeous. COngrats on your new grandson, too, by the way. - sarah

Don Gray said...

Hi Sarah--thanks for the visit and the kind words (especially about that grandson!) I really enjoy your paintings.