Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Hidden Pond

Encaustic on board, 6" x 9.75"
$170 plus $8 shipping in U.S.
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Another cold wax encaustic. I feel this leggy little painting somehow catches a bit of truth about the light and landscape here this time of year.


Anonymous said...

i'm going to have to try this cold wax medium at some point... it sounds fascinating. the brushwork in this and the previous painting is wonderful and yes autumn has been captured...
btw does the painting dry as hard as an oil painting?

Susan Roux said...

I didn't realize your last one was already encaustic. Wow it's like you were born to paint this way. Is it feeling totally natural to you?

Wax. It's like tie dying shirts all over again, except not.

Very nice work.

Don Gray said...

Hi Rahina--thanks a lot. Yeah, give it a try. Nothing complicated about it, just mix paint with up to 1/3 wax medium and paint away. I sometimes dip the brush in some Galkyd gel or Liquin to thin the consistency.

My paintings haven't dried yet, so I don't know how hard the surface will be. But from what I've read, I think the surface will stay a little softer than straight oil.

Don Gray said...

Thanks, Susan. I really do feel surprisingly comfortable with the medium. I like that it offers some resistance to the brush. I've often been frustrated with the soft, "slippery" character of oil, and have longed for a way to give the paint some drag so it will "push back" against the brush. The wax does that.

Really enjoying your recent figure paintings--beautiful.

hmuxo said...

Beautiful painting!

Don Gray said...

Thank you, Hilda!