Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Leaf 4

Cold wax encaustic on board, 6" x 6"
$125 plus $6 shipping in U.S.

"The secret of seeing is to sail on solar wind. Hone and spread your spirit, till you yourself are a sail, whetted, translucent, broadside to the merest puff."

~ Annie Dillard


Richard Hunter said...

Hi Don,

I really enjoy the encaustic paintings you're posting. The wax/paint texture gives the images great depth. What kind of brushes are you using and how do you clean them? Not that I need to experiment in a new medium, I'm still trying to figure out oils and acrylics.


Marilyn Flanegan said...

so luminous! I appreciate your series even more given how the drought has severely toned down our landscape. What a divine tribute to autumn, Don. Thanks so much.

Anonymous said...


Don Gray said...

Thanks a lot, Rick. I use mostly regular natural bristle brushes, flats and sometimes brights. The paint is stiffer with wax, so soft synthetics don't seem to work as well. Cleanup with odorless mineral spirits and soap and water.

Don Gray said...

So appreciated, Marilyn--thanks. Yes, what a drought and heat wave you've had! And the fires--terrible! Glad you're OK.

Don Gray said...

Thanks, Cyndi!

shirley fachilla said...

Perhaps my favorite of your fragile beauties. Wonderful translucence and a great sense of tissue-thin brittleness.
Really appreciate your run-down on cold wax encaustic, too.

Don Gray said...

Thank you, Shirley.