Saturday, January 21, 2012

Offshore Layer

Oil on gallery wrap stretched canvas, 18" x 24"
$1700, free shipping in U.S.
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Here's one for all you folks in the northern climes who might be experiencing a touch of the winter blues right now. I painted this in late 2007, shortly before our move back to Oregon from California. Our home was about a half-hour from the coast, so we went there often. I'm not a surfer (except for one misguided attempt which you can't make me talk about) but I loved watching them from the beach.

Have a great weekend, wherever you are.


Susan Roux said...

This is amazing. I love the light you captured.

Ok, now I really want to know about your surfing attempt... I bet it's similar to my waterskiing one. Everyone telling me conflicting things to do, resulting in never getting up! Bruises the next day. lol So glad there weren't any video cameras then.

Don Gray said...

Hi Susan--thanks a lot! I will neither confirm nor deny that my surfing experience was anything like your waterskiing.

Ken Ratner said...


Your work is terrific whether painting in a realistic or a looser style. And your ability to capture light is amazing!

I love the stillness in your landscapes, which offer the viewer a hushed contemplation. They stay with you long after seeing them. That's the mark of an excellent artist which you are.

I do believe that if Andrew Wyeth, an artist whom you admired, and had the pleasure of meeting, were alive today, he would greatly approve of your work.

Don Gray said...

Ken--thank you for your thoughtful comments. I very much appreciate what you said.

Gary L. Everest said...

Hi Don,
Well, my friend, how could I NOT COMMENT on this fine work? As a teenager, I longed to see California, try surfing and experience warm, sunny winters. Growing up in Battle Creek, Michigan, everything about California seemed like a dream and I became determined to see it someday. You can imagine my joy at arriving in San Diego for my first tour of duty following winning my wings in December, 1975. I was lucky enough to be stationed there again in 1982 and at Alameda in 1983. Ah-h, the memories!
This work also serves as a nice tease for our upcoming visit to Honolulu in only one more rainy, chilly week!!!
Mahalo Don and...

Don Gray said...

Aloha, Gary!

Battle Creek...isn't that where the cereal maker is--Kellogs?

I figured an old airman like yourself would have done some duty in California. It must have been pretty amazing in the 70's and 80's, with a lot fewer people than now. We loved many things about living there, but don't miss the freeways.

Thanks for the nice note. Have a great trip. Watch out for earthquakes over there in Hawaii!

Unknown said...

I own this painting and would like to sell. Where is the best place to place the painting? J Smith