Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Nap Time

Oil on board, 6" x 10"
$225 plus $8 shipping in U.S.
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Ever wonder what goes through the minds of these animals? Here's my guess:

"The sun feels really good today--especially since I'm still wearing my winter coat. My belly's full of hay and I've slurped all the grain out of the bucket...what now? Think I'll take a nap."

The dailies will be scarce for a while. I'm starting research tomorrow for a mural I'll be doing in one of the buildings at the local university. The project will consume a lot of my time for the next several weeks. I'll post updates on it from time to time, and squeeze in a daily or two when I can.

 Not to hurt our humble brethren (the animals)
 Is our first duty to them, but to stop there is not

 We have a higher mission:
 To be of service to them whenever they require it.

~Saint Francis of Assisi


Diana Moses Botkin said...

Nice one. I especially like those sleepy blues... perfect for naptime.

Pierre Raby said...

Serene and perfectly executed! What a wonderful scenery. Love the quote too, I totally relate to it.

SamArtDog said...

There's something about a sleeping horse that's always amazed me. I know you're a herd animal and therefore always have to be prepared to run. But, dude, take a load off! Just cocking a hock can't really be enough. Can it?

Good luck with the mural, Don. Post progress when you can. Can't wait to see what it'll be!

Anonymous said...

beautiful.... your modelling has added such a weight to the horses with their full bellies... i love all animals but horses for me are supreme and the quote is so apt...

Sonya Johnson said...

Great painting, Don - I always smile when I see horses laying down enjoying some "down time" and a nap in the sun like this.

Good luck with your mural project!

Marilyn Flanegan said...

That quote is posted in my studio.
: )
There is something so calming about a sleeping animal, especially horses. I so enjoyed everything about your post - I believe you nailed their thought process.
Have fun with your mural!

Don Gray said...

Hi Diana, thanks--hope you're well. Nice to hear from you.

Don Gray said...

Pierre, as always I appreciate so much your your encouraging comments!

Don Gray said...

Oh that's funny, Sam, and absolutely right! Cocking a hock seems like it would be about as effective for sleeping as putting your seat back on the airplane.

Thanks for the note.

Don Gray said...

I'm glad you like this, Rahina--thank you!

Don Gray said...

Hi Sonya--thanks a lot. Happy plein air painting!

Don Gray said...

It's a wonderful quote, isn't it, Marilyn? Fitting that a lover of animals such as yourself would post it. Thanks for the kind words.