Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Oil on canvas, 24" x 24"
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We're back from our California visit, which was great.  Our rented condo was charming--only a block from the beach in Del Mar, just north of San Diego.  There was a light overcast much of the time, but temperatures were in the low 70's, perfect for strolling on the shore.  We watched our granddaughter graduate from high school and spent time with the rest of our kids and grandkids...what could be better?

After a couple of extra days decompressing in Portland, we headed home to eastern Oregon, and back to the real world.  My design for the mural mentioned in earlier posts was approved just before we left (whew!), so now I can order materials and begin the project.  I'll post the design here soon, as well as updates as the project progresses.  I'll try to work on smaller things and post those as well, from time to time.  Maybe a few beach paintings...?


Gary L. Everest said...

Hi Don,
Welcome back. Sorry my phone didn't ring while you were here in Portland, but I understand.
Very, very nice work here, Don. I have tried, on a couple of occasions, painting beach scenes and I find them WAY TOO HARD. Not sure why, but maybe someday I'll figure it out.
This is one worth studying, like a codebreaker! I love the composition, the palette and the atmosphere.
Good luck with your mural project and thanks again for sharing this wonderful painting with us.

Don Gray said...

Hey Gary--thank you for the supportive comments, I really appreciate your thoughts. I still hope to link up with you in PDX before you're off to the islands.

You're likely being way too hard on yourself about your beach scenes. From what I've seen, you do a great job painting whatever you try your hand at.