Friday, November 9, 2012

Autumn Leaf

Oil on board, 5" x 7"
$125 plus $6 shipping in U.S.
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There are a ton of these in my yard right now, awaiting the rake. Collectively they look like a lot of work, but individually each one is just spectacular.

I've had a long hiatus from painting, but have been very busy with projects in and around our home. I painted all our outbuildings; built a new picket fence; sheetrocked and laid new floors in several rooms; put up new light fixtures; refinished our kitchen cabinets; made built-in shelving and cabinets in our breakfast nook...lets see...what else?

The change of pace has been good, but now I'm feeling that old itch to get back in the studio. I've been building some big panels in preparation for a group of large-scale paintings. I'll be painting and posting some small ones from time to time, but probably won't return to the frequency of my "dailies" anytime soon. Change is in the air.


Gary L. Everest said...

Hi Don,
Holy Mackerel! You did all that! Most impressive and I imagine satisfying and tiring, too.
Nice to have improved your home with your own two hands. You must have a great sense of accomplishment.
Not that painting doesn't give you that! Especially that wonderful mural.
I'll be looking forward to your new work, Don. Have a nice Thanksgiving.

shirley fachilla said...

Good Golly Miss Molly! (Had to do something to measure up to Holy Mackerel.) You have been extremely busy with the sort of work that gives a different sort of feeling of accomplishment than does painting.
I'm so happy to see your leaf painting. I like them almost as much as your Winslows!

Don Gray said...

Hey Gary, nice to hear from you. I'm afraid I made it sound like I did all that stuff in a week or two, when actually these have been ongoing projects started last summer. But yes, my amateur handyman efforts do give me satisfaction, at least until the hankering for paint grows strong again.

Don Gray said...

Sufferin' Succotash, Shirley--thanks for your nice note!