Thursday, January 31, 2013

Eroding Bluffs

Oil on board, 5 3/4" x 8"
$165 plus $7 shipping in U.S.

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How about a break today from these chilly northern climes? How about a spanking blue Pacific Ocean under the warm California sun? Here's a painting from 2011 of Torrey Pines State Reserve, near San Diego.

Shuck that parka and grab the surfboard!

I'm 77 this year, and I'm seeing more and more color with a better-trained eye. I think I need two more lifetimes to get painting down. But I don't have that "artistic angst". Painting is a joy, and I'm grateful every time I pick up a brush that this is my vocation. We should all paint like a pig eats.

~ Richard Schmid at 2011 Weekend with the Masters


Gary L. Everest said...

Hi Don,
And bless you, Sir, for I was beginning to get chill blanes simply from looking at those cold winter scenes.
Yes, they're beautifully done, despite the frozen subject matter, but you know that. So, I thank you for the warmer climate divertimento.
We're now down to forty days until the movers arrive! A week after that and we're on a plane for the big adventure.
Stay well Don...and warm!

Don Gray said...

Hi Gary--great to hear from you. Glad to help warm you up a bit--maybe help you acclimate to that harsh Hawaiian climate in your near future. Hope you love it over there, though I'm sure gonna miss your Portland presence!

c.dingman said...

Beautiful composition

Don Gray said...

Thanks, Carlene.