Sunday, April 21, 2013

Under the Table

Oil on cradled board, 25" x 20"
Click image to enlarge
Available in August at Mary Lou Zeek Gallery.

Another painting for my upcoming "Sit/Stay" exhibit at Mary Lou Zeek Gallery. I'm having fun working on this in-depth series of paintings on a theme. Here Winslow finds the sun beneath one of my studio tables, where acrylic paints are set out in plastic containers.

I generally keep this blog focused on art, but would feel remiss if I didn't make some mention of the horrific past week in Boston. I'm grateful that the apparent perpetrators are no longer a threat and hope the process of recovery and healing can begin for all those affected by this senseless act. Our hearts and prayers are with you.


Cindy Williams said...

This is such a cute painting. Is this your muse? I love it, it feels like you could pet the dog :) Great painting :)

Don Gray said...

Thanks, Cindy. Yes, Winslow is definitely my muse.