Wednesday, February 19, 2014


Enamel on heavy, gesso-coated paper, 60" x 68"
$6000. Free shipping in U.S.
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In 1981, artist Bill Viola made a videotape he called “Hatsu Yume (First Dream)”. In it there is a sequence where a fixed camera views a rock on a mountainside for a long period of time. People move around the rock, at first 20 times normal speed, then gradually slow to normal, then slow-motion. Here’s what Viola says about it:

...What I look at in that scene is the rock, not so much the people. I thought it would be interesting to show a rock in slow motion. All that is really happening is that the rock’s time, it’s rate of change, exceeds the sampling rate (the recording time of the video), whereas the people are within that range. So the rock just sits there, high speed, slow doesn’t matter. I think about time in that way. There are windows or wavelengths of perception. They are simultaneous and interwoven at any one moment, but we are tuned only to a certain frequency range. This is directly related to scale changes in space or sound, proportion in architecture or music. A fly lives for a week or two, and a rock exists for thousands or millions of years."

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