Sunday, February 9, 2014

The Singing Tree

Oil on board, 12" x 16"
$650 plus $14 shipping in U.S.
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Like people, trees seem to me to have personalities. With radiating limbs like extended arms, this one looks so exuberant. It could be an opera singer belting out a joyous aria to the sun.

No sun here today, though. We've had freezing rain on top of 9 inches of snow. A good day to stay in and watch the Olympics.


Libby Fife said...

These last two tree paintings have been good to see. Trees interest me too. They have some really human qualities. Your tree does look like it has its arms thrown wide, reaching for something.

Freezing rain and snow? Wow! We finally got a good amount of rain over the weekend. We are in CA and it is dry, dry, dry!

Don Gray said...

Thanks, Libby. Yes, it's getting downright scary in California with this drought. Hope more rain and snow comes soon.