Monday, March 17, 2014

Seven See-Through Stones

Enamel on heavy gesso-coated paper, 61.5" x 72"
$6300. Free shipping in U.S.
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Here's another in the Stone series. These works are large enough that the whole body gets involved in the painted gestures, which is enjoyable. I guess it taps in to my mural background and the pleasure of being physically involved in the painting.

This one seems a little different than others in the group, don't you agree?  It's lighter in color and character, more whimsical, perhaps. I wasn't particularly thinking of rock forms when I made these shapes. I was just making abstract gestures and closed loops in a spontaneous way that reflected the natural movements of my hand and arm. But in studying the painting I could see that the forms still had a rock-like quality. There's a certain kind of luminosity and motion in the work that reminds me of looking through clear water at smooth stones in a river.


Ruth Armitage said...

Looking through clear water at smooth stones.... love that. It describes the painting exactly! Beautiful work, Don.

Don Gray said...

Thank you so much, Ruth!

Sheila Vaughan said...

So much abstract painting today has no "weight" to it. I like to look at a piece and feel it is "grounded", that it is one statement. Does that make sense? This painting does have weight and place even though you have added another dimension with your linear outlines. I like it very much Don.

Don Gray said...

Thanks for your visit and thoughts, Sheila. I do like abstraction that feels it has substance--a certain "gravity". I think I just naturally tend to "ground" my abstract works--probably a result of all those years of realist painting. But sometimes I wish I could break out somehow and create pieces that are airier and less tied down. Never happy, are we?