Thursday, October 2, 2014

Summer Cottage

Oil on board, 11" x 9"
$425 plus $10 shipping in U.S.
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Here's a painting from 2011. I stayed in this cool little retro cottage while I was in Tieton, Washington making prints at Goathead Press. Seattle jewelry artist Lori Talcott owns the cabins and kindly let me use one. Though carefully upgraded, the cottage still made me feel like I had traveled back in time to about 1955.

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Egretta Wells blog said...

Hi, I like your house paintings so much. They have a certain serenity to them that really speaks out. I just looked at your contemporary painting blog, too, and your paintings there are beautiful and very expressive. Which do you prefer doing? One always hears that an artist should decide on a style, and I have always asked "why?". It is certainly more interesting to do several kinds of paintings. How do you feel about it?