Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Sea Change

Enamel on gesso-coated paper, 61" x 72"
$6300. Free shipping in U.S.
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I've gone round and round with this painting. I'm calling it done, for now at least. Any painting in the studio is always at risk of being modified in the elusive pursuit of "completion".

Perfectionism can be crippling if not kept in check. I'm trying to internalize that lesson, do the best I can with whatever abilities and understanding I have at the moment, and move on to the next painting.

This is a large work, enamel on a very heavy paper that has been primed with gesso. It hangs from four small grommets at the top. No glass is required.


Diana Moses Botkin said...

Wow. It's beautiful!

I can certainly identify with wanting to make changes or "small" additions to paintings. Sometimes that works out for me and sometimes not. At least with oil paint, one can wipe it off if the change isn't a good one.

Don Gray said...

Thanks, Diana! I know what you mean. Sometimes it works out, other times one "small" touch on a painting can force me to re-paint the whole thing.