Thursday, May 31, 2007

Canyon Country

Oil on board, 7"x5"
$125.00 + $6.00 shipping in US.
Available for purchase starting 05/31/07, 12 noon PST

Backlit Chamisa bushes in the mesa and canyon country of southern Utah, near Lake Powell. I love spending time in the silence and solitude of that vast landscape.


Todd Bonita said...

Hi Don,
Your body of work is incredible, you can really paint like the masters. Memory 3 and 6 are stunning little masterpieces. Wyeth-like in some ways.

Best regards,

Don Gray said...

What a kind comment, Todd--I can feel my head inflating as I write.

"Wyeth-ness" pops up in my work from time-to-time, I guess. He was my great idol when I was a young painter.

William K. Moore said...

I concur with todd on this.. Your landscapes show a strong affection for the subject matter. They're good too!

Don Gray said...

Thanks, William. I've really enjoyed following your blog--appreciate your watercolors for their technical and emotive power.

Jelaine Faunce said...

This is so comforting to see. I live next door in Nevada, and I've always loved the desert East of me in Utah. Wonderful job with the sunset colors on the mountains. Reminds me just how beautiful the desert can be. :o)

Don Gray said...

Thanks, Jelaine. I lived in Flagstaff for several years and developed an abiding love for the southwest landscape.

Good luck on your coasters--great idea and well-executed, as usual.