Monday, May 28, 2007

Memory 6
Oil on board, 6"x6"
$125.00 + $6.00 shipping in US.
This is another of my "Memory" series. I introduced the first-- a painting of my daughter wading in a stream--on the May 21 post. It may seem like the wrong time of the year to be painting snowscapes, but I felt compelled to do this one. It's enjoyable and challenging working from these old poor-quality Polaroids I took many years back and trying to recreate my memories of what it felt like to be there. These old sheds collapsed long ago.


Linda McCoy said...

Hi Don,
This painting is wonderful! I traveled for business much of my life, many times in rural areas. I always thought that the old barns and wood buildings seem to whisper their history. You have captured that feeling perfectly in this painting.
Linda McCoy

Don Gray said...

Thank you, Linda, I appreciate your thoughts.

Chris Ousley said...

Brrrr. This cooled me off on the hot day. Good work.

Don Gray said...

Yep...awfully chilly for almost June! Thanks, Chris.

Robin Weiss said...

This is a beauty Don!

Don Gray said...

Thanks for saying so, Robin.