Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Pendleton Hills

Oil on board, 8" x 8"
$225 plus $7 shipping in U.S.

I drove over to Pendleton, Oregon the other day. Pendleton is sited in wide open, rolling wheat farm country, about 50 miles from the valley where I live. You go over the Blue Mountains to get there, a scenic drive through evergreen forests. It can be a nail-biter in winter, though, when you might encounter blinding blizzards or fog so thick you can't see past the hood of the car.

But this day the drive was effortless, and dropping down the grade below Deadman Pass I was reminded how much I love these broad, brush-covered hills that cascade down the western flanks of the Blues. I can sit for hours and watch the light and shadow play across them.

This is a little larger than my usual dailies. I just didn't feel I could fit this expansive subject into a 6 x 6.


Anonymous said...

so the famous banana has had it's day... i can imagine you eating it while you painted this beautiful scene. r.

Don Gray said...

Hi Rahina,
That would have been the appropriately poetic thing to do, wouldn't it? But the banana has so far survived unscathed. Thanks for your comment.