Saturday, May 9, 2009


Watercolor on archival rag paper, 6" x 6"
$125 plus $6 shipping in U.S.
Email for purchase

Here's a bookend to yesterday's video post:


Deborah Paris said...

Don, thanks SO much for this look into your beautiful little corner of the world. What a gorgeous spot-I can see why you love it!

Don Gray said...

Deborah you're most welcome. This place is especially beautiful this time of year, when the water jumps the creekbanks. Thank you for coming by.

martha miller said...

beauty of a watercolor, and another fantastic video! what a place you live in!

Dean Grey said...


Ohhhh, I love this latest landscape painting!

Green is my most favorite color and what color dominates in this painting? Green!

I just love the texture of the trees' foliage.

How did you do this? Some of the leaves look so soft looking almost like splatters of paint were applied.

Am I right?

Funny how the painting's almost all one color but it still manages to be so visually interesting!


Art By Erika said...

Love your painting and all the ones I didn't get to comment on recently! You are doing an excellent job depicting spring in its very fresh qualities!

Don Gray said...

Thanks, Martha. I love seeing the photos you post of your gorgeous part of the world, too. What a lovely home in the woods you have.

Don Gray said...

Hi Dean--thanks! No spatter--I just used a splayed brush to drag darker colors, drybrush style, over the lighter washes. Sometimes I tapped the texture on with the end of the brush.

Don Gray said...

Oops--didn't mean to leave you out, Erika. Thanks for your encouragement!

L.Holm said...

Beautiful painting, and the videos are a real treat.Thanks for sharing them. Also love the backlit trees. Glad you're feeling better :-)

Don Gray said...

Thanks for those kind comments, Liz.