Tuesday, November 3, 2009

October Breeze

Oil on board, 6" x 6"

It's fun trying to stay loose and brushy with these recent small studies.

I should have made it clear that the larger work I posted the step by steps on is not a daily painting--it has been in process over several days. Here's the latest update. I think it's complete (well alright, maybe just another touch or two.) I punched some holes in the clouds to add a bit more life and color to the sky; reworked the foreground water and river rocks, as well as a few strokes of color on the boulder. Click image for a larger view.

The Waters of Autumn

Oil on stretched canvas, 40" x 30"
$4000 unframed, $4200 framed,
free shipping in U.S.


Anonymous said...

Don, how you have caught the elements of autumn, the warmth of the leaves and the cold of the air just beautifully. the bigger one looks great and yes we all constantly ask the question 'is it finished?' r.

Anonymous said...

Fabulous Don! The change in the clouds made a difference in the overall balance of your painting. You are a gem! Laura

Don Gray said...

Hi Rahina, thank you for your thoughtful comments. The "when is it finished" questions always haunts us, doesn't it?

Don Gray said...

Laura, I'm so heartened by your comments--thank you!

RUDHI RĂ¼scher said...

October Breeze amazes me!!!

Don Gray said...

Thank you, RUDHI!

http://www.onpainting.wordpress.com said...

Wow - these are so loose but capture the feel of nature so well.

Don Gray said...

I appreciate that a lot, Bill--thanks.