Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Three Gourds

Oil on board, 6" x 6"
$125 plus $6 shipping in U.S.

One of my favorite things about doing the dailies is that they are never pre-planned. Each day I paint what I feel like painting at the moment. The decorative gourds bought before Halloween caught my eye today. I did a couple of paintings of the gourds right after I got them. I might have gone on to paint a few more, but the rounder ones kept rolling off my slightly slanted drafting table, so I got mad and threw them all back in the sack.

Today I peeked in the sack and realized I was no longer angry with here you go. (I did take care to arrange them so they wouldn't roll.)


Pierre Raby said...

And the result is stunningly poetic-
colors are dancing Don! I enjoyed looking at your "autumn" series too, "Filtered Light" is so inspiring.

Don Gray said...

Pierre, you are such a fine painter and I feel so honored when you comment on my work--thank you!