Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Harvest Evening

Oil on board, 6" x 8"
$150 plus $6 shipping in U.S.

For check payment or other arrangements, email don@dailyartwest.com.

Ahh, these summer evenings. We complain about the heat, then long for August days during the frozen depths of winter.

The huge round hay bales are a tempting subject to paint, with their imposing, sculptural presence. I worked the hayfields of this valley as a kid. We wrestled rectangular bales that weighed maybe 70 pounds. These round ones might weigh a ton. They are moved with tractors and specialized equipment, one person doing the work that once took a haying crew.

And what kind of jobs are left for the kids of summer?...

"Do you want fries with that?"


Susan Roux said...

We had this same sky last night. You captured it!

Bruce Sherman said...

Hi Don!.... Love your sensitive "found art" studies!

"You" have a great eye for the unusual... splendid colour and design... "extraordinaire"

Good painting!
Warm regards,
Bruce Sherman

Don Gray said...

Thanks, Susan. I love these summer skies when the clouds build up in the afternoon.

Don Gray said...

Hi Bruce--thanks for the visit and for your generous comments...you made my day!

Erik van Elven said...

Beautiful painting Don.
Love the brushstrokes and the sensitive palette.

Don Gray said...

Welcome, Erik and thanks. I enjoyed seeing your blog.

Milan Smetana said...

I admire your feeling for the true color.

Don Gray said...

Thank you, Milan, and welcome to my blog.