Monday, September 27, 2010


Oil on board, 8" x 14 1/2"
$450 plus $12.00 shipping in U.S.
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The contrast of these dense spruce trees against the yellow-orange of the freshly-cut firewood caught my eye as I passed by this ranch. I figured maybe the owner split their wood outside, then tossed it into the shed through that open window. Or maybe not...why would he/she stack it up against the wall if they were going to throw it inside? Maybe the shed is full and that's why they left the extra outside. But if the shed is full, why can't I see the stacked wood through the window? Why wouldn't the window be shuttered closed? Why do I obsess about these things??

We had a wonderful long weekend at the Oregon coast, and I'm planning to do some paintings from the trip very soon.


Anonymous said...

the why questions.... it's the curiosity of a child we should never lose:) a beautiful autumny feel to this painting... perhaps the composition or perhaps the cut wood suggesting preparation for the winter...

Pierre Raby said...

This is so beautiful Don. Great work, colors are just amazing! And your questions... made me smile(laugh too). Yep, these come with observation:)

Don Gray said...

I sometimes get clues that I might be childlike in other ways too. :^)

I'm glad you felt the autumn presence, Rahina--I was hoping to catch something of that.

Don Gray said...

Pierre, thank you for your supportive words! Your latest painting is so beautiful.