Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Blue Fog

Blue Fog
Acrylic on MDF board, 49" x 96 1/2"
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The Stone and Heaven and Earth paintings continue. This one was recently least I'm calling it complete at the moment. Everything is at risk of revision as long as it is around the studio and not yet sold. Another large work in progress that was posted on December 20th has since changed a lot. I'll post about it soon.

It is impossible to convey the impact of a big painting like this (4 x 8 feet) in reproduction. Click the image to at least see it a bit larger.


Pierre Raby said...

Wonderful work Don. Interesting how the proportions emphasized by a close view gives weight to the stone while the blue fog seems to alter its material state. Stillness in motion.

Don Gray said...

I like your description, Pierre. Altering their material state is exactly what I'm after with these stone paintings--thanks for helping me articulate that for myself!

Stephen Magsig said...

Very powerful Don, wish I could see these in person.Where the hell do you find time to do everything? Really like the push and pull on this one, Hi Pierre

Don Gray said...

Many thanks, Stephen. I could ask you the same question about finding time!