Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Eroding Bluffs

Eroding Bluffs
Oil on board, 5 3/4" x 8"
$165 plus $7 shipping in U.S.

For check payment or other arrangements, email don@dailyartwest.com

As you can see, I'm still roaming the trails around Torrey Pines on my "virtual" vacation.

In truth, of course, I'm still in my Oregon studio. But looking through photos I've taken over the years really does vividly transport me to those places again in my memory and imagination. The challenge with these paintings is to try to move beyond the photo to capture the taste and feel of the place as remembered.

It's been fun so far on this armchair journey. One nice perk: my "virtual RV" gets great mileage!


Anonymous said...

you've captured a moment in time and i so understand the flicking through old photos which at one time meant a lot and then meant nothing and somehow over time there is new meaning and you see again...

shirley fachilla said...

Makes me feel that warm San Diego sunshine... that I really wish I had some of here in Tennessee.

Don Gray said...

That's so true, Rahina--thanks.

Don Gray said...

You've been having some real winter this year, haven't you, Shirley? It's been pretty easy here in Oregon so far, but still nice to escape, if only in my mind.