Friday, March 25, 2011

"Small Window of Time", and a new blog

Small Window of Time
Oil on cradled birch panel, 23" x 23"
$1100 plus $25 shipping in U.S.
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New Blog!

Those of you who follow Daily Art West know that I sometimes post a painting like today's, which looks quite different from the more traditional realist things shown here most of the time. What many may not realize is that these variations are not just little "side trips", but are actually part of an ongoing body of work and thought that I have been seriously engaged with for over 25 years.

I decided a separate blog might help to clarify this, so I've set up this new site focusing on my contemporary paintings. Scroll back to the first posts and you'll find examples from different phases and explorations over the years, beginning with the transitional works of the mid-80's to the current "Heaven and Earth" and "Stone" series paintings.

Please take a look:


Sheila Vaughan said...

Don, just took a walk around your new blog. Great things there! I like the idea of collecting the less "realist" pieces in one place. A place for a process - it's good. We can view abstractions as snap shots of process but as you say, there is no end goal in the same way as the realist paintings. Many of these have intriguing veils of colour and tone balancing each other out in a kind of dance around the canvas. I think this one is acrylic right and not oil? Great paint handling anyway. I love the glazing and scumbling opportunities acrylic gives us.

Don Gray said...

Hi Sheila--thanks for the visit to both blogs! I still plan to post at least some of the contemporary pieces here, and reference the other blog when I put up new stuff. I do think it's good that people can get a more in-depth overview this way.

I'm like you--I love being able to continuously work, layering and scumbling, which is so easy to do with acrylic. But I also love the jewel-like richness and depth of oil. Never fully satisfied, are we?

Dann said...

What should be the frame you are providing for such elegant work??