Friday, May 6, 2011

Yellow Folds

Yellow Folds
Oil on board, 7" x 8.5"
$180 plus $8 shipping in U.S.

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It's very relaxing doing these paintings of fabric. I get deeply involved in studying the way the light defines the form and trying to perceive the subtle shifts of color. It becomes a meditation.

When working from life you take a fragment of the world then attempt to make it whole by making sense of the loose ends left when it was torn from the world.
~ Ken Kewley


Anonymous said...

love these drapery paintings Don, your approach made me think about something i read once about a man saying when he was younger when he sat on a grassy hillside he used to tug at the grass and break it but as an older person he now pats it...made me think about my own approach to painting. thank you

Jane Hunt said...

Been loving these folds paintings. You make it look simple...which I know it is not!

Don Gray said...

I'm old enough now that when I sit on a grassy hillside my main concern is whether I'll be able to get back up!

I do like that story, Rahina--thanks!

Don Gray said...

Hi Jane--that's nice of you to say--thanks.

Dogs by Bri said...

These are beautifully done, Don. I'm glad you're the one painting them, because painting folds in fabric is one of the hardest things for my brain to process.

Hope to see you soon.


Don Gray said...

Hi there, Bri--thanks a lot! Drop by next time you're over my way.