Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Maui Woman

Oil on canvas, 20" x 16"
$1600 plus $20 shipping in U.S.
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For check payment or other arrangements, email don@dailyartwest.com

A larger painting, not a daily today. I've been doing some figurative work lately, and just completed this piece. I saw this striking woman in Maui a couple of summers ago and knew immediately that I wanted to do a portrait of her expressive face. I snapped a couple of photos and the idea went on the back burner. Finally, here it is. I'm slow but steady.

Speaking of slow, you may have noticed that my so-called "daily" posts have slowed to one every three or four days or so, and that the sizes of the paintings vary more. After painting nearly a thousand of the little guys, I'm feeling the need to change routines and shake up the pattern a bit. The 5 x 7's and 6 x 6's will continue to appear--but they'll be interspersed with works of larger sizes. And the number of posts per week will be more relaxed--at least for a while.

I taught a watercolor workshop over the weekend at the Pendleton Center for the Arts. They were a good-humored bunch and we all had to learn to paint while laughing. If anyone's interested in being on the notification list for future workshops in oil, acrylic, or watercolor, drop me an email. I'm even toying with the idea of doing one in Maui. Anyone interested?


C Tanner Jensen said...

Congratulations! I just was looking through my Dick Blick's catalogue and I'm looking at an image of a painting when I read it is one of yours! Well done my famous friend. : )

C Tanner Jensen said...

Oh yeah and the COVER!

Anonymous said...

love your brushwork here Don: it seems to be saying something as the woman sits calmly amongst that green chaos... a very sensitive piece.

Don Gray said...

Hi Tanner...how 'bout that! :) Thanks.

Don Gray said...

So appreciated, Rahina--thank you.