Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Banana and Shells

Oil on board, 4.5" x 8"
$125 plus $6 shipping in U.S.
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Last night was spent poring over cameras online, reading technical specs and pro and con reviews until my eyes crossed. The internet is wonderful because a world of information is at your fingertips; it's also  overwhelming for the same reason. I finally committed and ordered a Canon G12, which I'm hoping will be here by Friday or Saturday.  Of course it will take me another week of reading the manual to learn how to take a picture with it.

Today's painting from the archives is another Odd Couple...or maybe it should be called an Odd Trio. I loved developing this unusual design. There's a subtle, glowing light I especially like, set up by the semi-complementary colors of shadow and fruit.


Anonymous said...

i loved your odd couple series and this one is especially beautiful and for me it is the light that does it also. good luck with your new camera when it arrives... admirable that you will read the manual first... i don't think i've read a manual in my life (and still don't know most of what my nikon d80 is capable of;)

shirley fachilla said...

I also really like your odd trio. It's a very subtle painting, one I could look at for a long time.
Your idea about putting name and address on your camera is a good one. It might have even worked for me though my camera was pickpocketed! It was a old inexpensive camera with lots of great pictures of Parisians on its memory card. The pickpocket could have kept the camera, but I would have paid a reward for the card.

Don Gray said...

I'm glad you appreciate the light in this one, Rahina--that's what I kind of like about it too.

I may read the manual, but that doesn't mean I'll retain what I read!

Don Gray said...

Thank you, Shirley. Oh, what a shame you lost those Parisian images, of all things. It's not as if you could just run out and re-shoot them. :(

Diane Hoeptner said...

Hey Don I have a Canon G12 and I LOVE it. Mine came with a manual on disk (yuck!) so I've sort of learned how to use it via trial and error. (Never did get around to printing the manual.) But it's great for macro shots and great all around really. I bought a back up battery--but the battery lasts a long time. You will enjoy it!!!

Don Gray said...

Hi Diane--that's great to hear. I do love this camera so far. Like you, I've yet to look at the disk manual, but it's a pretty intuitive camera so I've been getting good results. Thanks for coming by.