Thursday, September 8, 2011

Help for Children and Fire Victims

Sunlit Stream
Watercolor on archival rag paper, 14" x 10"
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This painting is being placed in the "Challenge of the Heart" auction at Daily Paintworks. The Challenge was set up by the owners of Daily Paintworks, the talented artist Carol Marine and her husband, David, to assist starving children in drought-stricken Africa. David is the programming wizard behind the website.

Tragically, on September 4th, Carol and David's home and studio burned to the ground in the terrible Texas wildfires. They were barely able to escape the fire with their young son and a few belongings. A close family friend has set up a fund to assist them as they begin to cope with their loss.

50% of the proceeds of the sale of this painting will go to the American Red Cross for African relief, and 50% to the fund to aid Carol and David. The winning bidder will receive documentation when the donations are made. I have set the starting bid for this 14" x 10" painting at a very low $75 to encourage bidding in this 7 day auction. The winning bidder can pay by check or through PayPal.

Please help if you can by bidding on this painting or visiting the Daily Paintworks Challenge to consider bidding on the works of the many other artists who are participating.

NOTE: The decision to split the proceeds between African relief and help for the Marine family was mine. Other artists in the Challenge may or may not be doing something similar.


Anonymous said...

a wonderful painting )autumn colours already in your part of the world?) and being sold for two deserving causes. I read about Carol's circumstances on Neil Hollingsworth's blog and it is great to see how you and other artists have rallied together to help.

Don Gray said...

Thanks, Rahina. This painting was actually done last fall--we're not quite there for autumn color yet this year (though it's coming fast).