Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Drawing it Out

Okay, onward and upward (or at least, onward) with the mural!

In Photoshop I re-sized my mural proposal drawing to about 9" high and boosted the contrast and levels, then printed the design out on three transparencies. (The third one was already taped up on the projector when I thought to take this photo.)

My trusty old 3M transparency projector is set on a rolling scaffold, as near to the center height of the mural as possible. To minimize distortion, I'll be projecting the design in three parts, centering the projector on each panel. In this photo the transparency for the right-hand panel has been aligned and taped down.

I mix white artist's acrylic with a small amount of black and raw sienna to make a light neutral tone, thinning it to a thick soup. Using a small bristle flat, the lines are painted on. Do you like the design on my shirt?

A wider flat is used to loosely indicate some of the shadow areas.

Ready to move across to another panel. Next post: the real painting begins.


Art Matters said...

It's so interesting seeing your process. Thank you

Don Gray said...

You're welcome Carol Lee--thank YOU.

Gary L. Everest said...

Hi Don,
Fascinating to witness. I feel privileged to watch the birth of your creation. Thanks for sharing it with us.
Have a great day tomorrow.

Don Gray said...

Hi Gary--kind of you to follow along--thanks!

Teague said...

It's cool to see the process!

Unknown said...

What a nice painting. It is cool to see the process how you do it step by step. I think you have a great idea when you put a geruest scaffold on it.