Monday, July 30, 2012

Up Close and Personal

Okay, now it's starting to get interesting...for me at least.

I'm realizing now how much I've been holding back, exercising restraint, keeping background colors and light/dark values limited to express the idea of people from earlier eras moving back in time. Honestly, it's all been a little frustrating and tedious. But now, as I begin to paint in the foreground figures representing the present day, I can throw all that restraint out the window and revel in full color and strong darks.

It feels good.

As I painted them in, the foreground heads starting popping out almost like they were in 3-D, an effect that's more pronounced in the original than it appears here.

This beautiful girl was fun to paint.

And here's an extreme closeup of the young man on the left. Be sure you click the images to see them enlarged.


shirley fachilla said...

Your mural is going to have a "mood" as well as a sense of time and history. Bravo!

Don Gray said...

Hi Shirley--what a nice thing to heartens me on this project--thanks!

oil painting said...

Is it watercolor painting?