Sunday, May 4, 2014

Garden Pond

Oil on canvas panel, 9" x 12"
$375 plus $12 shipping in U.S.
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It was warm that day--pushing 90 degrees--but our walk along meandering paths through the dappled shade of Portland's Japanese Gardens was delightful. It's an incredibly beautiful place, tended by seven full-time gardeners. It's obvious they really know their stuff. Every plant, rock and feature in the garden has been placed and treated with care and mindfulness, honoring traditions that go back many centuries. Viewpoints are designed and framed much as an artist designs a painting, with careful consideration to balance, color, repetition, variation, etc. The effect is one of serenity and grace.

We crossed an arcing moon bridge at the foot of a shimmering pond fed by a lilting waterfall. The sun and shadow fell across the scene so perfectly it seemed too good to be true. Of course it demanded to be painted.

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