Wednesday, November 25, 2009

By the Big Willow

Oil on board, 5" x 7"
$125 plus $6 shipping in U.S.

I was interested in maintaining a simplicity of design, anchored by the massive tree trunk. The way the sun and shadow fell across this heifer fascinated me. My real subject is always the light.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Sheila Vaughan said...

Hi Don, yes I can see your continuing interest in light. I can see it too in the boulder paintings. This cows series is great though - real portraits in context, just as I like them!

Bruce Sherman said...

Found your site thru' a visit to Carol Marine's...Both very interesting approaches to daily painting.

Like "You"...size isn't a factor for "Me" in my daily painting... rather just the opportunity to "push paint" and to explore.

Your "Four Rocks" post was very interesting...not only visually... but also for the questions you raised.

Hope that "You" never manage to "reconcile your artistic impulses". Isn't that the joy and secret to painting? Travelling a new road!

I'm a Follower for sure!
Good Painting!
Bruce Sherman

Don Gray said...

Hi Sheila--thanks a lot. I really like your recent interiors of the mill.

Don Gray said...

Bruce, thank you for your visit and comments. I enjoyed seeing your blog and work.

You're right, changes may be large and dramatic or small and incremental, but it's important for an artist to feel they are traveling new roads.

William K. Moore said...

Don - brilliant effect bringing the element of tree bark into the calf's hide. Also the stone paintings below are a nice departure into the abstract. Excellent way to play both sides of the coin.

Don Gray said...

Hi Bill--thanks for your thoughts. Yeah I kind of like how the cow blends with the tree. As for the stones, I love the freedom that comes with working that way--glad you appreciate the differences in approach.