Thursday, June 10, 2010

Shell Series 15

Oil on board, 6" x 6"
$125 plus $6 shipping in U.S.
Email for purchase

This was fun--a more painterly take on a shell.


Anonymous said...

this new series seems to be evolving: i can smell the sea and taste the salt with this one. beautiful!

Don Gray said...

Thanks a lot, Rahina. I've started playing with more abstracted versions of the shells--somewhat like my stone series...will post more.

I enjoy seeing your new work.

annell4 said...

These little shell paintings resonate in a very deep place. Perhaps as we are all feeling the loss in the Gulf, I've wondered if it is deep in our DNA, to the time we crawled from the salty water to walk on land?
Thank you for this work, it's beauty and it's universal quality.

William K. Moore said...

Brilliant idea to have a shell series - especially delivered in a fresh style like this. I always enjoy a visit to your view of the world and its denizens. Each of your works shows great craftsmanship, a knowing eye, and rendered in a rich brush stroke environment leaving no doubt that these are real paintings.

Don Gray said...

Annell, your comments are so kind and much appreciated. Yes, turning to these shells right now certainly must be related to my thoughts of the Gulf is so heartbreaking.

Your work is wonderful.

Don Gray said...

Bill, it is nice to hear from you. Thanks for your thoughtful comments--they always mean a great deal. You continue to astonish with each new piece.